"Noelle is simply amazing! She is gentle, intuitive and calming. I have been a long time massage client of hers but new to the crystal and sound healing. It feels like the natural next step to my self-care that started out with physical healing of massage therapy. I highly recommend giving it a try for the balance of the mind body connection. I'll be going back!"

                                                                       ~ Diane M.

"Noelle is a wonderfully gifted healer. Her ability to be comforting and trustworthy while also allowing her knowledge and skill to shine is an asset to me. She creates a safe space where you can dive deep into your own healing and start living what you envision for yourself."

                                        ~ Becca L.


"I had the honor to receive several energy healings from Noelle….I say “honor” because they were such powerful experiences.  Noelle is such a gifted healer….I felt her joy, deep compassion and love emanating from her hands.  She is also incredibly intuitive, and the insights she shared using her High Sense Perception were right on and exactly what I needed to hear.  Noelle is all about heart—she radiates love and light, and that’s exactly how I would feel after each session." 

                                               ~ Lisa S.

"I just had my first, of what I am confident will be many, "healing" integrative sessions with Noelle. Her intuition, and connection(s) with the world, and universe are amazing, and so it was, and will be both an honor, and privilege to receive her gifts." 

                                               ~ Bill C.

"The scent of imminent relaxation greets you in the hall before you even ascend to Cosmic Roots Wellness. Noelle is a young and energetic (literally) professional whose practiced, respectful work is her art. An enthusiastic listener and a skilled healer, Noelle creates an atmosphere of peace and awareness that reinforces your inner strengths and encourages you to recognize the joys of your day. Noelle can assuage your physical woes and align your chakras, but it is her devotion to the wholeness and wellness of being that makes her such a skilled healer. Thanks Noelle!"

                                                 ~ Dason A.

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